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  • Bidgood's Condiments - Bidgood's Pickles and Condiments are prepared in Bidgood's Kitchens. Bidgood's uses as much local products as possibe in preparing their condiments. No perservatives are added.Available for Shipping.
  • Bidgood's Fish Products - Bidgood's Fish products are of the finest quality. Our salt fish has been a speciality of Bidgood's for many years.Available at Bidgood's Supermarket, Goulds, NL
  • Bidgood's Merchandise - Bidgood's Mugs. Available for Shipping.
  • Bidgood's Prepared Food - Bidgood's Recipies are developed in their own kitchens.The delicious end products reflect local tradition and taste. No preservatives added. Worth Eat'en! Available in Bidgood's Supermarket at Bidgood's Cove, Goulds, NL
  • Bidgood's Spreads - Bidgood's Spreads are prepared in their own kitchens. No Perservatives are added. Available for Shipping. Check out the "New Look"
  • Books - A great selection of books written by Newfoundland authors.Available for Shipping.
  • Deli - Assorted Food Trays attractively presented for any occasion.These trays are available for delivery in the St. John's area only. 24 Hour Notice Required.Please check for delivery charge.
  • Fish - All fish products are native to Newfoundland and Labrador and can be found in Bidgood's Cove. Available in Bidgood's Cove in Bidgood's Supermarket.
  • Game - Local Game native to Newfoundland and Labrador. All natural,no hormones, no preservatives. Great Tasting.Available at Bidgood's Cove in Bidgood's Supermarket.
  • Gift Baskets - Bidgood's Gift Baskets can be ordered for any season or special event.

    Each gift basket will be beautifully wrapped with cellophane and decorated with ribbons and/or flowers.Please call Bidgood's Craft Shop for further ideas on baskets and pricing.

  • Gift Items - A small selection of gift items from Bidgood's Cottage Crafts.Available for Shipping.
  • Miscellaneous - An array of interesting food products available in Bidgood's Supermarket,Goulds,Newfoundland.
  • Newfoundland Bath Products - Handmade natural bath products. Votives, jar candles, perfumes, bath salts, bath oils, soaps and bath blasts. Assortment of natural fragrances. Great packaging.Available for Shipping.
  • Newfoundland Tartan - A variety of attractive products made from Newfoundland Tartan.Available for Shipping.
  • Salted Products - Includes Fish and Meat Products.Available in Bidgood's Supermarket at Bidgood's Cove and Bidgood's Meat Department.
  • Smoked Products - All natural smoke and salt are used in the smoking process.Available at Bidgood's Cove in Bidgood's Supermarket, Goulds, NL
  • Bakery - Bidgood's Bakery has a new look and a new manager.New Bakery products are now available, along with the traditional recipies Bidgood's is so well known for.
  • Berries - Wild berries native to Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Childs Clothing - Clothing and Accessories for Children and Infants.
  • Clothing - Various Newfoundland style and themed clothing available.
  • Cook Books - Great selection of Newfoundland Cook Books Available for Shipping
  • Hand Knit Items - In previous years sheep's wool was carded and spun and if you wished to have a speckled pattern you could twist white and grey or black wool to make your design.Today wool can be dyed any colour you desire.The Traditional Trigger Mittens, Socks and Gloves still hold much significance with in our Newfoundland and Labrador Culture. Available for Shipping.
  • Lobster - Lobster Season is Here! Newfoundland Lobster is the Best Tasting. Live Lobster is available at Bidgood's now.We package for air shipment.
  • Local Vegatables - Great tasting. Available in Bidgood's Supermarket in season.
  • Music - Music CD's, Instruments and Music Books
  • Purity - Purity is a well known Newfoundland name. All products available for Shipping.